Cumberland, MD

Bio: I am a performer, artist, musician, author, entrepreneur, podcast producer and host and the CEO of Project Bring Me to Life which is a community of Spiritual Leaders using art and music to educate the world about metaphysics, holistic health and spirituality. The name “Selomon” was given to me in 2012 at a gathering of native americans, mayans, peoples of all different races, religions and backgrounds at Mt. Manataka by a group of peers. “Selomon” means a confirmation of spirit allowing me to realize that I am one with the Universe and everything in it. I have been steadily using the practice of deep meditation for 5 years. I do Spiritual Consultant and Meditation Therapy and enjoy traveling the country hosting classes and workshops on spiritual topics. One of my presentations was on the Practicality of Meditation in which I presented Meditation to healthcare industry leaders about the benefits and practical applications that it provides. I have presented and performed in Ann Arbor, MI, Detroit, MI, Terra Alta, WV, Cumberland, MD, and Grantsville, MD. My knowledge of meditation began with experiencing it first hand and now I am learning about studies done on meditation from places like Harvard University. Currently I am living in Cumberland, MD in the Appalachian Mountains with his divine partner and colleague Shantastic Shine.

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